Stay Off Santa's Naughty Business List... Don't Do This

Opportunity knocks only once. You never know if you'll get another opportunity.
Leon Spinks

Yes, it’s the busy season—holiday parties, get togethers and preparing for some vacation time.

Whatever the reasons, so many use this time of year as an excuse to pass opportunity by.

Admirably, successful people don't change their habits based on the time of year. They stick to what has been working, seizing opportunity, building relationships and staying active—and live it all year round.

Just because the holidays are upon us... It does not mean we should take our eye off the big prize. The business side of Santa would not like that... LOL.. ☺

Successful people are pretty driven people who love down time too, but here is 1 thing you don’t see them do this time of year. .

They Never “Don’t” Make The Time (or make it seem like that) - We all have busy calendars. We are looking to take some down time; we all have that holiday party to attend. No need to announce your calendar to someone looking to build a relationship or presenting an opportunity to you.

I have always been amazed how famous business people or celebrities manage their busy calendars.

Successful people have the special knack of making everyone around them feel special and never chase away people bearing gifts.

First, they understand what is important to them and then stick to their own rules. When an opportunity shows up they go right to business without piling on excuses or stall tactics. They get into action by scheduling the time or creating an action plan to make it happen in the future.

Also, they know how to do something else, they know how to creatively say no.

When you are successful you become a magnet for people looking for help. Refusing a request from colleagues, customers or friends can be a bit challenging, but it’s usually accepted when it comes from the heart. Successful people know that most people will understand, and if they don't, they ask themselves is this really the type of person to do long term business with?

I’ll bet they learned that it’s a lot easier saying no than having to get out of that thing you said yes to.

The successful are really focused on knowing what they need for themselves and for other people.

So keep all in balance this time of year. Have a plan, a focus and never let those looking for your talents feel like you can't make the time for them.

All the best in the coming year! :)

What do you think? Do I got it right? How do you keep the momentum going this time of year? Have a trick to share? Comment and let us know! Feel free to share this with your connections in your news feed.

Create Success On Purpose,