Proving Your Character Will Be Worth More Than Money

A quick and to the point post proving "Your Character Will Be Worth More Than Money One Day" 

Exhibit #1

Recently an American dentist killed “Cecil the lion” in Zimbabwe.  He allegedly shot the prized cat on his big game hunting trip, paying $50,000 to do so.

The incident sparked worldwide outrage,  a tsunami- sized wave of negative reviews hit the internet, outraged over Cecil's killing and calling for the doctor to be punished.

Leaving his freedom, career and  lifelong practice in shambles.

Exhibit #2

A few days prior, two firefighters stopped at a New Jersey diner  for breakfast  after spending 12 hours battling an inferno at a warehouse. When they were finished eating, their waitress presented them with a note instead of their check.

The note read…  “Your breakfast is on me today,  Thank you for everything that you do; for serving others & for running into the places everyone else runs away from.”

One of the firefighters, posted a picture of the note and the diner’s sign to Facebook, urging his friends to leave a big tip for the selfless waitress.

The firefighters found out the waitress’s  father  was in need of a wheelchair accessible van, so he started a GoFundMe page. The incident sparked a huge wave of compassion, paying for her father’s van, medical expenses and more!

The Story

Character is formed from a lifetime pattern of behaviors, thoughts and feelings based on your beliefs, actions and integrity.  It’s that one thing nobody can ever take away, even if you feel the whole world is against you.

Throughout the world, there are people making choices every minute of the day. Through the internet and social media our world is getting smaller and smaller. In seconds, that $50,0000+ hunting  trip to Africa you convinced  yourself you are entitled to take, turns you into public enemy number one, or the sacrifice of paying for a breakfast for deserving heroes turns into a tremendous blessing!

Only time will tell if events like these are going to shape who we hire, buy from or associate with. But I see this as a peek into the future of buying and hiring habits.

The way I see it… It’s good news for those with strong character and a wake up call for those who think no one is watching.

Proceed the way you feel best. Just remember the world may be watching. 

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