A Time To Challenge The Compliant (a quick post)

When something is really important, we pay extra attention to the details.

Like when I was a kid, my Mom would pull out her special recipe she had for a birthday cake we all loved.  I remember watching her methodically follow the instructions for the best possible results. (If I was lucky I’d get to lick the spoon.)

She would really go all out to make the cake look extraordinary and taste delicious.

These days, even on the most special occasions, store bought cakes are normal.

Still, every once in a while someone goes “old school” and makes a cake from scratch… 

I’ve noticed that when they do take that initiative, the cake becomes “The Highlight” of the party.


What will your business look like at this time next year?

Bigger Question... What would it look like if you went all out paying attention to the all details?

Take a minute to think and meditate on that…. (Ohmmmm…)

Statistics say 50% of “us” business owners are overwhelmed with our business situation or just not happy with their results.


Don’t shoot the messenger, however, there is a 50/50 shot you could be one of them.

Still complacency is all around?


Maybe you are not sure what the best approach is? Afraid of wasting valuable resources? 

Here is a possible first step…

Remember when you want something special… It’s the details that count!

Create Success on Purpose!

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