The Core 4 of Business Development

The first core is to know and be very conversant in your Unique Value Proposition (UVP). To formulate your UVP, ask and explore these 3 questions to find your distinct advantage in the marketplace:

  1. Who exactly is your ideal target client?
  2. What “value" makes you “different” from the all the other competition? (Hint: It’s not that you return phone calls or that you have “a holistic approach.”)
  3. Why should people pull out their hard earned money and engage with you?

Core number two is Conversion. How will your clients be able to engage with you in a high value relationship based on results and not price?

The third core is the one that keeps business coming back to you like a machine. It’s all ready,  knowing how to OVER DELIVER on your “Value Promise.”

The last step, I believe no one has the guts to ask: I call it “Fiscal Financial Responsibility.” This is the part of the process that keeps you on track with your business development destinations. Just like a GPS on a long road trip, letting you know if you are on or off track. On time or late. The fiscal, financial numbers do not lie.

Do know you the exact numbers you need to live the life you aspire? Does your GPS say you are on track?

Create Success on Purpose, 




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