Option 1: Consult

Need a right to the point, confidential conversation with a business owner who has seen it all, then you will benefit from Bill’s no non-sense and right between the eyes approach that is all about getting you results. To hear more call 1-516-544-8118 or email Bill@MarketingSuccessMachine.

Option 2: Market Penetration  

The Marketing Success Machine will build a totally customized approach based on your precise needs, level of involvement and other dynamics. Want to get big results with your next trade show? Is the competition gaining an edge on you and want to raise your game? Or are you feeling a bit like a fish out of the water when it comes to new market penetration strategies and ready to bring in experts to work with you? It’s really your call, just let us know where your most pressing needs are... We will create a program and get into action with you. To start the process, just call 1-516-544-8118 or email Bill@MarketingSuccessMachine.

Option 3: Magnetic Website Design 

Do you own a brick & mortar business, such as a service company, Doctor's office, CPA firm, law firm, professional practice or a family owned business?  Then you have to know it is no longer acceptable not to own a humdrum basic website. To compete today, you need a powerful website that establishes you as “the expert” in your field, attracts and speaks to your ideal customers and, most importantly, gets your phones ringing with business.

The Marketing Success Machine will act as a “general contractor” leading the charge on your behalf to put the right website in your hands. The process includes big picture assessments and review of your marketing and UVP. Everything we do is to ensure that every page, every headline, every photo, every call to action and all copy properly reflect who you are as a company and connects you personally with your ideal target market helping you to get more calls.  Email us for more details Bill@MarketingSuccessMachine.com  or call 516-544-8118

Option 4: "Business Generator" Program

This is our most selective program, because it requires a high commitment of time and resources from both of us, we reserve it for only for business owners that fit a certain criteria. Click here to learn more and see if you are a possible fit. 

Option 5: Business Growth Plan

Are you all juiced up to get started, but you are just not sure where? This is a Business Growth Plan designed to get you, an established business owner, thinking and motivated about your company’s future success in only a few hours of your time. Work with us one-on-one and clarify where you want to be next by putting a road map in your hands that takes you to financial growth and independence. Click here to get the details you need to get started. 

Option 6: Strategic Partnerships

If your company is in an advisory role also working with small or mid-sized businesses and is at the top of its field, we should chat.  Let’s explore and see we are the right fit to refer business to each other, joint venture on projects or form a strategic marketing alliance together. Marketing Success Machine is always looking to get to know other leading business experts such as CPA’s, Web Designers, Business Lawyers. Copy Writers, Bloggers, Sales Consultants and Social Media Experts of all kinds. If you fit this description, we would like to talk to you. Call Bill Baylis directly at 516-544-8118