If you have been in business for three years, ten years or even twenty years; I can pretty much guess you have been driven to build your company on a solid business model based on... nurturing relationships, attracting referrals and great "hands on" customer service. 

Another thing I can almost guarantee is that you could write "the book" (if you didn't do so already) on your industry. Particularly, how it looked when you got started and all the developments you have seen through the years up until now. 

So, let me ask you; "How have things changed in your industry? How will your industry look in the coming year.. or 5 years from now? How is the competition stacking up these days? Are the referrals coming as easy as they use to?"

Look, when you have been in business as long you have, one thing is for certain - things change. I've learned that the hard way. 

I am not sure if I know of an industry these days where competition isn't at an all-time high. 

I also know, there comes a time when a business owner hits that fork in the road and has to decide, "do I hold the status quo?" or "do I invest and make another push to secure the future?" and one more thing, "if I do make a push, how do I surround myself with the right team so all the pressure does not fall back to me?"

My answer... "Why can't we do them all?" 

Hi, I'm Bill Baylis, one of the reasons I started Marketing Success Machine (and our sister company Business Development Machine) is to support the economic growth of existing small & mid-sized businesses, As well as CPA and Law Practices. Especially when they are ready to secure their financial future by bringing their company to another level of success.

Our program "business generator" is Not for everybody... (we are very selective who we work with in this process) But if you're an established practice or a small or mid-sized business, ready to invest and develop your company further... Through controlled profitable growth, then this income creating program will be a great fit for you. 

Our approach is to pinpoint the many possible ways to develop your strengths, find the bottlenecks that are holding you back,  increase value and find the ideal new business road map for your company to establish market share and create more income. We call it "mining your veins of gold”.

Potential business owners who would might be right fit for this very different business development process do not need to be the most tech savvy or up to date on all the latest new media marketing strategies. They do need to be great people, good at what they do, but willing to want to keep more of their hard earned money so they can live the life they aspire! 

And... As long as you truly want and are open to help!

Again, we are only looking to work with a couple of extremely select clients with this program. Let’s face it, we are going to be spending a lot of time together...  Planning, challenging change, brainstorming and making things happen. It takes a special kind of a relationship to achieve this kind of success. Think that is you? Call 1-516-544-8118 or email Bill@MarketingSuccessMachine.com

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