Stop Selling, No One Likes To be Sold

Are you looking for serious business growth? The kind of growth that connects you with more of your most ideal clients? The exact clients that are the most profitable and the ones that you have the most fun working with?

Then, Stop Selling. No One Likes That!

Or Don’t Stop… If you are fine with bagging whatever business comes your way. The rest of this post is not for you. (No judgment. If it's working for you, that’s great.)

This post is for those select business owners and professionals that find it offensive to be “pitched and sold to” and want to find an easier way to be known, liked and trusted.

It’s time to adopt a UVP that addresses voids in the marketplace that you can best fill. But be cautious – if you are going to talk the talk, you must also walk the walk.  

The Unique Value Proposition or UVP, if created and used correctly will undoubtedly have your most ideal clients circling around you faster than dropping a bucket of chum in the water on your next fishing excursion.

When you ask most business owners or their staff to articulate what they are about, clearly and concisely, in 60 seconds or less, most are unable to do so. (Are you guilty of this? It’s ok, I won’t tell, keep reading.)


Most businesses have no UVP, only a “me too” nondescript “elevator pitch style” explanation. There’s nothing unique, nothing distinct, no promise of great value or benefit from the “eyes” of the prospect or client – just “buy from us” because we want you to.

Time to get more?

It is not surprising that businesses lacking a UVP just get by. Why should they get more than “their fair share” of the market if they offer nothing unique or special? The small minorities of business professionals who adopt a UVP have a profound advantage over those who do not. (Do you think your company has something special or different to offer?)  

How do you choose a UVP? 

You must first identify which needs are going unfulfilled in your industry. You must think of them from the perspective of the prospect or client. They must somehow be directly connected to impacting the prospect or client’s quality of life and income, and communicated in a manner to create an awareness of them in the prospect or client’s mind. Focus on the market need that is sorely lacking – provided you keep the promise you make. Be sure it’s unique and that you consistently fulfill it for your prospects, clients, staff and Centers of Influence.  (Hint: The more measurable, comparable, demonstrable or quantifiable your advantage, the more powerful it is)

How to use it.

At this point you should have developed the awareness that your newly adopted UVP must be integrated into the entire fabric of your company. It should be the foundation of all communication, both verbal and written. When calling on prospects, everything you discuss should reinforce your UVP. 

You must be able to explain your UVP to anyone, anywhere in a clear and concise statement that encourages further discussion and/or inquiry. Always help the prospect understand how it is in their best interest to take advantage of your UVP in terms of how it would impact their quality of life and income. Do not make the mistake of assuming they will make the connection. Don’t try to wing it! Do your homework. Create word tracks that express the essence of your UVP. Make sure your entire staff is capable of powerfully expressing your UVP in 30 seconds, and then compellingly state how the prospect would benefit from the perspective of their perception of value. (This is powerful.)

Be Selective, You cannot appeal to everybody!

There is a huge gulf between the upscale buyer and the bargain seeker and you probably cannot reach them both. Which market niche do you want to stake out as your own? There is no reason that you can not, by creating different UVPs, develop different niches or divisions within your company that compete against one another. (Think about this and have fun with it, too)

The Foundation Rock.

Your UVP will become the foundation for the value you choose to bring to the marketplace and will become a benchmark for operations, marketing, selling, customer relations, production, and day to day problem solving.

Have Fun!

So let the pitchfest end, no one is buying it anymore. Create awareness to your difference and start having conversations with clients and prospects you like based on your UVP. It could be the most fun and profitable time you will ever have!

Create Success On Purpose,



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