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Get To Know Neil Guilmette

It’s not long after you meet Business Development Consultant Neil Guilmette (that's the "big guy" on the left) you'll start humming The Rolling Stones song “Street Fighting Man”. Neil truly holds forth his nurturing, supportive philosophy. The streetwise Guilmette is savvy to the business world’s more cynical agenda. Guilmette is a reality check to the people he meets; the man who has found a way to do honest business in a sometimes contrived and stodgy world.

What Sparks Neil?

The last 30 years have been exclusively focused on the four key functions of Professional Practice Development – Creating the proper opportunities in the market, converting those opportunities to high profit relationships, delivering the “value promise” to clients, and more importantly, getting the factory to operate at optimum efficiency while generating a ROI greater than the client’s investment in our relationship.  


How Neil Gets It Done!

Guilmette brings the company over 40 years experience in sales, marketing, and small business beginning with his education at the State University of New York, Louisiana State University, and his first corporate sales position at the former Olivetti-Underwood Corp. in Manhattan.

Since that time, Guilmette has acquired a wide and deep range of experiences in the business development realm, with special knowledge developed in the areas of: Market penetration by process; profitability consulting; throughput process management; business cultural change; business valuation; merger and acquisition; contract structuring and negotiation; accounting and fiscal management; corporate headhunting and career counseling, executive administration with a niche in the business of the professions

About Neil The Person:

Today, Guilmette and wife Susan, reside in Miller Place, New York and Cape Coral Florida, enjoy spending time with their four daughters, and eight grandchildren and devote their summers to boating in the waters stretching between Cape Cod and Atlantic City and the west coast of Florida.

Neil loves sharing his insights to profitable business growth. Call Neil today at, 631-317-1030 .  It's guaranteed... "You will gain valuable insights from this conversation".